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01-05-2021DR, Paul LawrenceUnder SecretaryVeterans Benefit AdministrationDr. Paul Lawrence is the Under Secretary for the Veterans Benefit Administration and he is located at the VA headquarters in Washington. Need a free bank account? Wondering what the VBA is doing with your disability claim? How many VA home loans can you have? What phone numbers can be called to get information? Dr. Lawrence answers those and may more questions.
01-07-2021Dr. Colleen Jakey
Chief of Staff, James A Haley VA Hospital
Corona10 Virus vaccination update. Chief of Staff, Dr. Colleen Jakey for the James A Haley Veterans Hospital shares with our listeners the plan that has been worked out to ensure that the Corona19 Virus vaccinations are carried out in a fair and medically sound manner. The James A Haley VA Hospital is one of the largest in the 170 VA Medical Centers and 1,074 outpatient sites of the VA and will certainly be a pattern for other VA hospitals from across the country.
01-12-2021Dr. Elizabeth Brill, Chief Medical Officer, Office of Community Care, U.S. Veterans Administration, Washington DCWhat happens if you find yourself in a hospital far from a VA facility, or in need of specialized care that your VA Hospital does not offer? That is when the Office of Community Care steps in and helps with the cost. Listen in to see how you can take advantage of this program.
01-14-2021Congressman Vern BuchananCongressman Vern Buchanan discusses with Bill the ever-increasing problem of training accidents claiming military lives. Congressman Buchanan’s amendment requires the Department of Defense to examine emergency response capabilities and services available at all U.S. bases around the world. They will be required to address the potential benefits and practicality to have properly functioning medical helicopters and fully stocked military ambulances.
01-19-2021Robert “Goose” Gosline
My Healthy Vet Coordinator, James A Haley VA Hospital
If you are a VA patient and not yet using the My Healthy Vet program for contacting your doctor you are missing a bet. Robert “Goose” Gosline, shares with us how the program works and how you can sign up for a free VA account. That account will give you access to your medical team, your health visit records, your prescription orders and ordering. During the pandemic this program has been a God send to many of our veterans and it can be good for you. Listen it to see how you can enroll and get started.
01-21-2021Congressman Greg SteubeCongressman Greg Steube shares an insight into the operation of the Veterans Affairs Committee and what is planned in the future for our veterans.
01-26-2021Thomas Hines, Assistant Chief for Health Administration, James A Haley VA HospitalWould it surprise you to learn that not all veterans get VA medical coverage? Thomas Hines is an expert working at the VA who knows what it takes to get coverage. It can depend on years of service, where you served, how you served, when you were deployed, how much money you make as a family, and 100 other variables. The takeaway from this interview is that you, if you are a veteran, should not disqualify yourself by not trying for coverage. The VA staff is ready and willing to discuss your current condition and evaluate your eligibility for coverage. Thomas points out that the rules are changing constantly and just recently with the passage of the “Blue Water” bill in congress, many sailors are now eligible that a year ago were not. So listen in and learn how you can apply.
01-28-2021Veterans Aid and Attendance (Part 1)With Sarah Bursey, Assistant Director for Pension and Fiduciary Service in the VBA and Cleveland Karren, Director for Policy and Procedures for Compensation ServiceA discussion of VA Aid and Attendance benefits and Housebound allowance with Sarah Bursey, Pension and Fiduciary and Cleveland Karren, Compensation ServicesVA Aid and Attendance or Housebound benefits provide monthly payments added to the amount of a monthly VA pension for qualified Veterans and survivors. If you need help with daily activities, or you’re housebound, find out if you qualify.

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