VA–Surviving Spouse Benefits

Click to link to our package of Aid and Attendance (A&A), and income/asset statement / Pension information for the Surviving Spouse.

Please review all documents and let me know if you have any questions.  The two keys factors VA looks at are: medical need and net worth (Includes income).   Page 3 provides a List of Documents required to File for AID and Attendance.

Not including Home, Personal Car and Personal Goods, the Surviving Spouse’s net worth cannot exceed the annual amount of: $127,061.–, for CY 2019.

If one has income other than Social Security, then a VAF21P-0969 (Attached), must be completed.

At the time of applying for A&A, and to lower the income, it is important to have an Unreimbursed Medical Expenses, such as Assistant Living Facility or In-Home Health Care Provider(s) Medical Expense(s).  Feel free to ask me questions.

If you have all Documents mentioned in Page 3, then completing TAB C Worksheet is really important because we will use your input on this form,

to prepare the A&A Claim to VA PMC.

Thank you, Ed

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